The Quality Assurance Review Center (QARC) was funded in 1980 to provide Radiation therapy QA services to the National Cancer Cooperative Groups funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Over the next 3 decades QARC added diagnostic imaging data management and review facilitation to its portfolio of services. In 1995 Dr. TJ FitzGerald became Director of QARC and the grant was moved to the University of Massachusetts Medical School where Dr. FitzGerald is Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology. In November 2011 the NCI announced the transition of the Cooperative Group program to a new National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). All of the cooperative agreements funded under the old program (including QARC) began a planned phase out. In July 2012 funding announcements to establish the NCTN were posted. Within the network there is funding for one organization to provide imaging and radiation oncology QA services. QARC has joined with the 5 other legacy QA centers to form a new organization known as IROC (Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core Cooperative) to serve the NCTN. Under the IROC umbrella these 6 highly experienced QA Centers will provide an integrated program with standardized services in service to the entire NCTN.

The grantee for IROC will be the American College of Radiology (ACR) Clinical Research Center in Philadelphia. Within the NCTN QARC is now IROC RI and Dr. TJ FitzGerald continues as PI and Director. IROC RI will continue to provide service to the NCI as it has been for over three decades. In addition to serving the NCI, QARC is available to provide radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging and data management services for other programs and to industry.



Our mission is to provide superior services in support of cancer clinical trials to improve the standards of care in the management of cancer by improving the quality of clinical trials medicine.